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EP34 Self-love, Sex and Feminism - Gabriella Ditt

2. 9. 2021 | The Bla Bla Bunker

Gabriela Dittrichova is the author of the upcoming book The (R)evolution of Love, a co-founder of the feminist magazine Vagina-Nomics and an operations manager at Femme Palette which helps women advance in their careers and professional development with a mentoring program. She visited my Bunker and told me about her journey, how she as a very well behaved and successful teenager, decided that life was a bit too easy for her in her hometown of Brno in the Czech Republic, and went to England. She had limited english skills which would later put her in some funny circumstances. She struggled but kept going and did a lot of self discovery on love, sex and feminism in which she blogged about in a very open way (check her page). Later she founded Vagina- Nomics which is a feminist platform de-stigmatising pleasure through art and design. Gabi is about to release her book The (R)evolution of Love which is an interactive guide that invites you to take one or two steps back and reflect on your relationships. She told me why she does this, how life would have been if she wouldn't have moved to England, status of feminism in the Czech Republic vs England and a lot [...] [...]


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Logo podcastu: The Bla Bla Bunker
The Bla Bla Bunker
Almar Hilmarsson

Welcome to The Bla Bla Bunker, a podcast featuring interviews with regular people who have extraordinary stories to tell. The host, Almar Hilmarsson, is one of them. In 25 years he’s gone from Iceland...

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