Programme 13: happy clappy

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Programme 13: happy clappy

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Happy clappy – this is one of those reduplicated words, where the two words are almost the same, but it’s changed one little part: changed the vowel, or changed the consonants in this particular case - usually the consonant at the front, like "willy nilly" - and "ping pong" is one where the vowel changes. Well happy clappy came in in the, oh 1980s I suppose, referring to a member of usually a Christian charismatic group, characterised by enthusiastic handclapping and a very extrovert emotion, set of emotions being expressed – but it’s not restricted to that. I’ve heard it used in all sorts of other contexts as well. It’s a mildly mocking word. If somebody says that somebody is happy clappy, there’s a sort of feeling of distaste about it. And the thing is, that the idea has moved beyond the religious circumstance now. It refers to anybody showing some kind of extrovert emotion, some kind of rather superficial feeling very often. You might say of somebody "you’ve got a very happy clappy attitude". It means he’s just producing his emotions without much thought all the time. So anybody who gets very enthusiastic and suddenly becomes a little over the top …starts to act out something….. happy clappy - člen křesťanské charismatické skupiny/nadšenec všeho druhu, který příliš často a zbytečně projevuje emoce to clap - tleskat enthusiastic handclapping - nadšené tleskání restricted - omezeno vowel - samohláska consonant - souhláska willy nilly - ať chceš nebo nechceš a mildly mocking word - slovo s lehce posměšným přídechem distaste - odpor becomes over the top - přehání

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