Programme 9: Listening Exams: Part 1

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Programme 9: Listening Exams: Part 1

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Anna: I think that one of the best things is watching TV because even if you don’t understand it you can understand it from the picture, but your listening skills are improved. But even better I think it’s radio, listening to the radio, because you have to concentrate only on sounds, not on the picture. to improve - zlepšit Ahmed: I may say that listening is easier for me because now I can see a lot of movies, I have a lot of TV channels and I made the choice to watch all the movies in English, to watch all the TV shows in English, and I’m used to English now. So maybe I would say that listening is easier for me. movie - film Margaret John: When you start preparing for Listening exams, a good thing to do at home is to listen to the tape in quite a noisy environment - because it forces you to focus on the key speakers, with background noise and distracters going on. tape - kazeta, páska noisy - hlučný environment - prostředí to force - nutit to focus - soustředit se the key speakers - hlavní mluvčí background - pozadí distract - rušit, rozptylovat Margaret John: Some examinations deliberately put distracters, such as noisy environments like tube stations and bus stations and airports, behind the speakers. If you’ve been practising listening that way, you will be in a much better position in exam conditions to be able to handle this problem. tube stations - stanice metra conditions - podmínky to handle - zvládnout, vypořádat se Margaret John: So when you’re listening at home, it’s important to listen in an environment that is not completely noise-free. A busy sitting room or a kitchen is not a bad place to do a listening test.] Mark Shea: Perhaps first and foremost, make sure you can hear properly. If you have a problem, tell the examiner right at the beginning. After the exam is too late. So if there’s a window open, ask to close the window. If you’re too far from the tape recorder, ask to sit closer. first and foremost - především, ze všeho nejdřív tape recorder - magnetofon Mark Shea: Then if you miss something during the exam, keep going with the next question. Don’t get caught up in something which has already passed you by. to miss - propást, utéct (něco někomu) to keep going - pokračovat to get caught up in something - zaseknout se na něčem,zarazit se Noriko - Well when you didn’t catch the answer, and you have to leave a gap because you didn’t understand it, then try not to care about it and try to forget the mistakes and go straight to other things. gap - mezera

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