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Michael Buchanan z USA: Hillary Clinton's supporters say she's caring and committed. Her opponents label her pig-headed and dangerous. But the New York senator left politics largely aside as she discussed how she coped with the series of personal scandals that have beset the couple. "He had not told me the truth about what the relationship was and I was furious, I was dumbfounded, I was just beside myself with anger and disappointment." Most of her energy is now spent serving the people of New York and that seems quite enough, as she quashes suggestions that she intends to run for the White House. "I don't have any intentions, or plans, of running. I'm flattered that the question gets asked (every day) and I hope that it will lead to a woman running for President." VOCABULARY"Living History" - živá historie, zažívat historii pigheaded - nenaslouchá druhým, paličatý leave politics aside - pominout politiku to beset - postihnout, pronásledovat, pohltit to be furious - zuřit dumbfounded - zdrcený, zděšený, konsternovaný beside myself with anger - zlostí bez sebe to quash - odmítat, negovat to be flattered - být polichocen

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