Russia's richest man goes to court

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Russia's richest man goes to court

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Steve Rosenberg: Among the crowd were Mr Khodorkovsky's parents, but together with the media they were barred from the courtroom. The former head of the oil giant Yukos faces trial on seven counts, including fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion. If convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison. This preliminary hearing had been expected to set a date for the trial, but it was adjourned until June the 8th after the tax inspectorate had requested more time to study the case. The businessman's supporters maintained the case against him is politically motivated. They accuse the Kremlin of trying to punish Mr Khodorkovsky for playing politics. VOCABULARY fraud - podvod embezzlement - zpronevěra, defraudace tax evasion - daňový únik they were barred from court - měli zakázaný vstup do soudní síně former head - bývalý šéf on seven counts - obviněn ze sedmi trestných činů he faces up to ten years - hrozí mu až 10 let vězení to face difficulties - čelit těžkostem preliminary hearing - předběžné přelíčení/slyšení to adjourn - odročit

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