Starring: GIOVANNI ROTOLO as Carabosse

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Starring: GIOVANNI ROTOLO as Carabosse

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Who is Giovanni Rotolo? And who is Carabosse? Giovanni is the first soloist of the Czech National Ballet. Giovanni himself has chosen to talk about his role of Carabosse, the evil fairy from the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Let’s hear Giovanni's story about his special connection with this character. The evil fairy has fascinated him since childhood and he has secretly wished to dance her all his dancing life. Then he was finally casted in his dream role, but two weeks before the premiere he was injured. And he had to stay at home for almost a year. But now he's back and has finally danced his dream role Carabosse! What makes Carabosse so fascinating? In Marcia Haydée's version, who is a living legend of choreography, the evil fairy is always danced by a man. How is this duality reflected in the character? And how does Giovanni dance with long hair and nails? In the Starring podcast, Lucie Kryzová looks for parallels between the role and its interpret. This time about the feminine and masculine side in each of us. About fairy tales and dramas. And also about the good and the evil, which is always present, even when the good wins... You can always listen to this podcast with Czech translation narrated by actor Radúz Mácha.

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