Erasmus+ Opportunities: More than studying abroad!

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Erasmus+ Opportunities: More than studying abroad!

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In our first episode of the new season, we break the myth of Erasmus+. It's not just about studying abroad, it's a gateway to endless adventures! Especially if you are 30 or younger: this is for you. However, many Erasmus+ funded projects have no age limit, so everyone can take part. Grazia Cannarsa, Research and Information Manager at Eurodesk, tells us all about the Erasmus+ opportunities waiting for you on Eurodesk, Europe's youth information network. We also talk with Dimitris Kounatiadis, Facilitator & Trainer for Erasmus+ projects, for a chat about his transformative journey as a facilitator and trainer for Erasmus+ programmes. Discover the endless opportunities to learn and get involved within Europe! INEX-SDA, INEX Instagram, INEX Facebook eurodesk website, eurodesk Instagram, eurodesk Facebook eurodesk’s Opportunity Finder eurodesk’s European Elections 2024 campaign eurodesk project Time to Move eurodesk project EUROclasses eurodesk publications eurodesk Time to Mind guide eurodesk Pool of Trainers Together.EU through eurodesk European Youth Portal → European Youth Week 2024 Erasmus+ website, Erasmus+ Europe Instagram, Erasmus+ Europe Facebook Erasmus+ Program Guide Erasmus+ Opportunities Guide Erasmus+ Opportunities for Individuals Erasmus+ Opportunities for Organisations

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