#8 - Klaudia, Polina & Petr - First steps as a yoga teacher

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#8 - Klaudia, Polina & Petr - First steps as a yoga teacher

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Klaudia Murinova, Polina Zemlicka and Petr Sila graduated from teacher  training at Prague Yoga Collective and they already started their  journey as yoga teachers. How are they feeling about this new  experience? You can practice with them in Prague Yoga Collective www.pragueyogacollective.com,   and also in Yogame or Yoga Movement in Prague.   Find them on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kialaud/ https://www.instagram.com/polinazemlickayoga/ https://www.instagram.com/pitrpower/ ❤ PARTNER OF THIS EPISODE IS A COOL BRAND OF YOGA CLOTHES ✶YOGA GANG✶ AND WE HAVE A COMPETITION FOR YOU! Want to win one of three pretty ladies t-shirts? Just answer one simple question which you can hear in the audio and you´ll find the correct answer right on Yoga Gang´s profile at https://www.instagram.com/yoga_gang/ Send your answer to my e-mail vecera.m@gmail.com until November 15th 2019. Good luck and enjoy listening!

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